Carrie Poster.jpg

Movement Director & Production Designer

Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton - September 2019 - Regis Theatre

Director: Ollie Turner | Musical Director: Charlotte Daniel | Production: Milly Shawcross  

Stage Manager: Katie Bird | LX Operator: Maureen Tinnery | Sound: Sean Renshaw


In 1974, Stephen King’s first published novel brought the eponymous Carrie White to life; an unpopular, friendless misfit who uses her newly discovered telekinetic powers to exact revenge on those who torment her. After the success of the cult novel and Brian de Palma’s infamous film, screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen and Composer Michael Gore set to work on a musical version. It first opened at the RSC in Stratford, but its opening became riddled with technical problems. A Broadway transfer did not improve its fortunes and it closed after just five performances to wildly mixed reactions. The creatives reproached the work in 2012, rewriting and focusing on the emotional story of victimisation, specifically tailoring the work to stage. The authors state “our intent was to tell a dramatic fable about a girl whose very name has become synonymous with high school bullying. That doesn’t mean it should be performed without humour, excitement or fun.”

Matt on Carrie: "My approach to the Movement Direction utilised embodiment at it's core. The musical numbers transport us into inner turmoil & angst felt by the teenage characters. We built a language in early rehearsal warm ups and exercises to create punchy & snappy explosions of movement throughout the complex score. The further challenge of creating the iconic destruction was a joy. The dual role of both movement director and designer allowed me to shape the movement to a complex sound scape embelishing the horrifying tragedy that unfolds."

Matt designed the Lighting, Set, Costume & Sound for the production alongside choreographing movement.