Neither male Neither female Neither gender Neither sexuality Neither class Neither race

Neither emotion Neither fear Neither binary Neither identity

Neither anything at all

Who are they?

Neither is your genderless, campy, cabaret clown who's mission is to redefine the binary and open up the conversation on identity. 


Their mission? To intervene in a completely divided world. A world full of chaos, trouble and confusion. In all our lives, we experience a form of identity crisis: sexuality, culturally, change of status. Our identity is in constant shift, so Neither's mission is to explore that and break the binary we live in. 

Serious mission statements aside, they're really hear to prance about, sing, laugh and love and try and intervene in the scary world of identity.

For their full 'official' reveal, have a gander here...

A Derive of Neither

Photography: Aoife Lily Nolan-Bennett

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