With the world feeling a little scary, we’re inviting song-writers to respond to the theme “On Hope”. The plan is to create a song-cycle that will be digitally ‘performed’.


Writing Brief:

If you want to write a song for the concept, we want to know what hope means to you, or what aspect of hope you’d like to explore within your song. Consider a range of topics and styles, the songs can be funny or sad. They can examine hope in any way you like - think outside of the box! 


If we can have this by Sunday we’ll then go through all the ideas and give you the go ahead! This is to ensure that we don’t have any overlap and can begin to weave some form of structure for the Song Cycle.


From there, you’ll have until Tuesday 31st March to write your song and share it with us. This can be a demo & lyrics or sheet music, or whatever format is easiest for you to share your work. We want to make this as fun and as accessible as possible. Any questions, just email us. This is a rapid fire response, hence the short deadlines, if the concept works we may do more. Specific details will follow. 


There’s obviously lots still to work out but we’ve started and that’s something. Do let us know if you have access to equipment within your own home and if you’d be open to singing your own piece. We’ll keep exploring how the piece is ultimately ‘performed’. All of this is a new possibility- so any suggestions are welcome!


This project is, at present, unpaid. We feel it’s important to make this clear upfront and will communicate if at any point we gain funds for the project. We will work to ensure you are constantly supported. We also want this to be a joyful experience and to provide you with a creative outlet in these strange times.



  • Deadline for Concepts: Sunday 22nd March @ 6pm

  • Brief Confirmed and Go-Ahead by Tuesday 24th March

  • Deadline for Songs: Sunday 5th April @ Midnight. 

  • Finalised details of performance are in development, with an aim for it to take place mid-late April. Details of performance will be finalised ASAP.


What to do now:

  • Complete this short form with your details & concept 

  • Writing teams welcome

  • If you need a collaborator we’ll do our best to match-make!

  • You can submit more than one but no more than two ideas


Please share this with any songwriters you know - musical theatre and songwriting is collaborative - so let’s collaborate to bring some cheer and joy to the world! 



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