q u e e r   p r a c t i c e

As a genderqueer identifying practitioner, I have a passionate interest and commitment to developing LGBTQ work. I have directed and produced a majority queer portfolio of productions and projects & frequently support queer writers and artists. In my own performance work, I am currently experimenting with drag, spoken word and video to explore identity and fandom. During my studies, I explored practices of queering, explored solo drag performance and engaged frequently with queer theory.

My work in queer musical theatre led me to being offered a Studentship as a part time PhD candidate at the University of Wolverhampton. Over the next six years, I will be studying and creating opportunities for queer identifying musical theatre artists in a practice based PhD to explore production practices that broaden representations of queer bodies in musical theatre.

Recent work includes:

  • IS HE MUSICAL by Jude Taylor - Commissioned & In Development for 2022 Production

  • SNOWFLAKE by Lewis Cornay - Overseeing three years of development & producing it's premiere workshop production at The Lowry, Salford Quays

  • QUEERME - Digital concert showcasing eight commisioned songs

  • QUEERED - a digital concert reframing musicals to boost LGBTQ+ identities as part of MTPRIDE

PhD Studies

Through a practice-based PhD, I will explore how queering musical theatre creation and production structures can broaden queer representation in a rapid and reactional way by creating work for under-represented queer people in my role as a director/producer.


I will examine and experiment with a series of initiatives, performances and projects, queering the production practice to give agency to the participants to share their identity in their practice, building off over three years’ experience working specifically to amplify LGBTQ+ narratives in musical theatre. This passion bore from many conversations with queer people who expressed their discomfort with over stereotyped representations and a lack of safety in the industry. I intend to fix this through experimental production approaches that specifically look at under-represented queer identities, with an extended focus on amplifying identities intersecting with race, body image and disability. I will explore LGBTQIA+ audiences want for queer musical theatre and will conduct extensive research into the history of queer representation and existing musical theatre production practices.


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Is He Musical? by Jude Taylor

Director/Development Producer

Designer/Photos: Ana Webb Sanchez | Musical Director: Francesca Fenech

Movement/Assistant: Ryan Wiggins 

Starring Teddy Hinde & Barry O'Reilly with music by Kathryn Monterio and Addy Fletcher Hall

As 1933 draws to a close, Laurence and Wilfred find themselves absorbed in a whirlwind of fabulously indulgent evenings across London’s West End with their fellow queer friends. But although their hidden world seems surprisingly free and easy, how long can it last?


IS HE MUSICAL? is an intimate, joyous musical comedy inspired by the true stories of the queer friends who loved, lived and partied across 1930s London. 

The musical will premiere in a digital production performed live at the University of Wolverhampton before transferring to Curve, Leicester for two performances as part of DMU Pride. In addition to the shows, an immersive digital space will curate and collect historical & creative responses to both the musical and the rich history surrounding the show. A series of Q+As and workshops will also be hosted for free by the artists behind the musical. The show makes a final stop at The Other Palace for a semi-staged concert production.

Digital Production Available on Request

queered v1 web.jpg

queered (volume 1)


Queered reframes existing shows and reimagines classic MT moments in completely new contexts to explore queer histories, lost stories & personal experiences. In volume one, stories of love and lust, community and identity are brought to life through new arrangements and performances of musical theatre's vast repertoire.

Featuring a cast of LGBTQ+ talent, queered's debut digital performance blends live performances and spectacular recordings to create an evening that celebrates and interrogates what queer representation in Musical Theatre can be.

Director & Editor: Matt Powell | Musical Directors: Flynn Sturgeon, Sam Young, Zach Flis | Assistant Director: Ryan Wiggins | Technical Production: Adam Lenson & Chris Czoryji (technical.solutions)

Cast: Adam Raymont, Aitch Wylie, Alan Lewis, Ashley Gibbins, Charlotte Yorke, Conor Gormally, Eleanor Faye, Elliott Wooster, Emily Qualmann, Evie Rose Lane, Faye Wheeler, Freddie Love, Harrison Knights, Jo Eaton-Kent, Joash Musundi,

Jordan McMahon, Kaidyn Niall Hinds, Lucy Dickson, Matthew Jacobs Morgan,  Richard Aaron, Roly Botha, Roshani Abbey, Waylon Jacobs