t e a c h i n g

I have worked in several Youth Theatre & Higher Education environments, providing direction, acting through song & workshops for ages 12 and above.  A breakdown of my experience & workshops can be found below!


w o r k s h o p s  &  t u i t i o n

All workshops and tuition is available for individuals & groups and can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Reframing & Queering Musical Theatre

Exploring how to reframe classic repertoire in a new context which reflects your lived experience

Rep Development

Enhancing your repertoire by exploring songs and monologues that showcase your full potential

Acting Through Song

Detailed practical sessions exploring acting through song methods and providing feedback on performances.

To book tuition, please contact me at mgmpowell21@gmail.com

e x p e r i e n c e

Acting Through Song Tutor - BA Musical Theatre - University of Wolverhampton| October-November 2021

Running six workshop based sessions on developing and performing repertoire from 1920s-present day with forty students.

Assistant Director - MA Music Theatre (RCSSD) | January 2019-October 2020

Working directly with Course Leadership & directors to deliver an educational & professional environment in a series of different works including devised musicals, graduate showcases & new productions of musicals. Further responsibilities include covering rehearsals, note-taking, running small group devised sessions, documentation & 1-1 character development

Associate Director | The MTA – Digital Musical Project | August-September 2020

Working alongside director Adam Lenson to remote produce a new musical entirely remotely. Responsibilities include acting through song, scene devising and development, editing, running tutorials in digital software and filming, 1-1 support and mentoring.

Private Acting Through Song & Audition Coach | January 2016-Present

Extensive experience in workshopping audition material & individuals repertoire with an emphasis on bringing their own identity into their practice. 


Youth Theatre Director & Creative Director | January 2016-July 2017

Providing artistic leadership and direction for casts of 30-50 young people in large scale, youth productions of popular musicals. Providing an educational experience through practical and professional environments.

Credits include:

CHICAGO (di/de/p) | Duchess Theatre (August 2019)   

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (di/p) | Derby Theatre (July 2017)

CATS (di/m/de/p) | Derby Theatre (January 2017)    

LES MISERABLES (di/p)  | Derby Theatre (July 2016)