Shift+Alt+Right - Video Design (ALPMusicals)
Shift+Alt+Right - Trailer
Public Domain - Video Design (ALPMusicals)
Public Domain - Trailer

v i d e o  d e s i g n  &  e d i t i n g

I am a highly experienced & award nominated video editor & designer, working closely with creatives to create high quality films. My editing experience includes editing full length digital performances, multi-performer videos and

My design work is tailored to each production, be it on screen or on stage. I design bespoke overlays, textures, particle effects and use real world footage to enhance storytelling through projected layers.

See above trailers and reels of my design work and click the underlined titles to see the full digital performances.

d e s i g n   e x p e r i e n c e

PUBLIC DOMAIN by Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke - Vaudeville Theatre - May 2021 - Dir: Adam Lenson

PUBLIC DOMAIN by Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke - Southwark Playhouse (Digital) - January 2021 - Dir: Adam Lenson

WILF GOES WILD: Pilot by Sarah Middleton & Josh Sneesby - MPTheatricals - December 2020

SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT by Hilmi Jaidin - ALPMusicals (Digital) - October 2020 - Director: Adam Lenson

QUEERED - MPTheatricals (Digital) - June 2020

ON HOPE : A DIGITAL SONG CYCLE by 60 Writers (Digital), curated with Victoria Saxton - The Other Palace - April-May 2020

PLAZA - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - February 2020 - Director: Maja Milatovic-Ovadia

AMERICAN IDIOT by Billie Joe Armstrong & Michael Mayer - Community Production - Derby Theatre - July 2019 


e d i t i n g  e x p e r i e n c e

THE CROOKED SPIRE by Martin Coslett - Armitage Herritage Arts - July/October 2020

ORDINARY DAYS by Adam Gwon - Top Note Arts - November 2020

MAMT Showreels Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - October 2020

COMING HOME by Annemarie Lewis Thomas - The MTA - September 2020 - Director: Adam Lenson

SNOWFLAKE: Visual EP by Lewis Cornay - MPTheatricals - August 2020 - Director: Lewis Cornay/Matt Powell - OnComm Finalist

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